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Eric J. Reid in Lawrence, KS, 2003

What You'll Find

The Eric J. Reid site is dedicated to information about myself and my work. Born in Dodge City, Kansas, with strong allegiances to the family origins in Alva, Oklahoma, I have lived in various parts of Europe and the Midwest. I've called Kansas City home for over 8 years now. Feel free to poke around the site for whatever interests you.


You can expect quasi-regular updates on professional, personal, and creative projects. If you can't find something, or if you have any feedback you'd like to share with me, you can contact me at


Personal Update

Kellie Hans Reid and I were hitched 10/17/2009. So far we've left the wedding website up as a little archive... Eventually we might even update a few things there.


In February 2009, we purchased our first home, which has also been pretty awesome, despite the lawnmowing and snowshoveling (all in 1 month)!


GNet Update

I've been pretty remiss in keeping up with the GNet (you'll see the info on this site is fairly dated now.) The best place to go to reconnect is on Facebook - we have updated information, on the group "Rotary Exchange Netherlands, 93/94/95". Post your info and pictures there for immediate updates!


Professional Updates - Centriq Training and ORC

I work for Centriq Training in Kansas City (Leawood, KS, specifically). I'm a technical trainer with an emphasis in C#.Net, Adobe products and web development, and provide occasional bouts of assistance in business development.


Additionally, I still hope to give several of my websites a facelift, including my business site for Open Road Communications. The website is In addition to a general background of services the company provides, it provides an outlet for new developments.


Client projects include training, web development, database design and communications services. Clients span the gamut of small businesses, non-profits, venture start-ups, music services, global telecom and manufacturing clients.


I welcome you to let me know if you or a colleague has a project, training or other need in mind... If I can't help you myself, I may know of someone who can!


Blogs and Social Business Connections

Feel free to keep up with me throughout the Web:

  • My consulting company blog, entitled "On the Road"... It's in re-fitting, too, as I've moved away from Google blogs to do my own thing.
  • My occasional contributions on my brother's cigar blog, entitled "Puros On The Low Low".
  • My LinkedIn professional information.
  • My XeeSM (listing of my social media links)
  • My Delicious public bookmarks (you can spend a lot of time tooling through these)


Latest quotebook information

I'm hoping to publish the latest WOS (17) sometime in 2011 or 2012. One can always hope! The last edition, the 16th collection of quotes in the Word Once Spoken series, was released in October 2006. So it's high time another is unleashed upon the world. Check out the WOS page for your personal PDF copy, or to ferret out individual quotes.







Wedding Archive Get more details on the wedding.



WOS - WOS 16 is available! Check out this latest installment in the Words Once Spoken quotebook series!



GNET - Formerly a renaissance of the online Rotary exchange (Holland '94-95) community.
Now it's more of an archive!

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